Why Swimming Is The Best Exercise


Experts in health and fitness argue that, swimming is a great way to stay fit as it exercises all body muscles. The truth of the matter is, depending on your approach, swimming has numerous health benefits if done in the right way. The beauty of it all is, swimming does not need any fancy or expensive equipment. Unlike the other ways to exercise, where you will spend hundreds of dollars, all you need is a swim suit, a few accessories and you are good to go. In addition, swimming is a great way to exercise for the following reasons.

Cross Training

Swimming offers an ideal body workout system as it tackles every single muscle in your body. It sculpts your back, tones your arms and even helps in forming strong Abs for men without having to lift a single weight. Being a low impact workout program, it goes a long way to train the muscles that have long been ignored. At the same time, swimming does not strain your joints and it requires very little recovery time before your energy levels are back to normal.

Maximizing Your Cardio

Swimming is dubbed as the ultimate aerobic activity as it leads to a strong heart. As you swim, you have to regulate your breathing when you go in and out of the water. This trains your body to learn new breathing patterns that strengthen your heart by forcing the lungs as well to process oxygen in a more efficient manner.


Improved Flexibility

A heated swimming pool helps to relax your muscles, thus improving your flexibility and provide important stretching. The problem with other training methods is that, they strain your muscles and without stretching, the training becomes counter productive. This is why swimming is an all round fitness program as you get to stretch your muscles and increase flexibility.


Swimmers are known to comfortably engage in other demanding activities without any problems. This is because some swimming techniques increase the endurance level of a swimmer. Apart from endurance, swimming is also a major confidence booster as it helps to calm your nerves and overcome your fears.

Weight Loss

A moderate one hour swim burns up to 500 calories as it revs up a swimmer’s metabolism. As you train all your muscles, you lose much of the unhealthy fat and with time, you will be in great shape. It is a healthy and safe way to lose weight since you are not exposed to gym accidents or use of unhealthy weigh loss supplements.

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Why Joining a Gym Gets You Better Results Than Going it Alone


Joining a gym may seem expensive and it can be tempting to go it alone in the comfort of your own home with a stack of exercise DVDs and a set of dumbbells. But joining a gym can really give you far better results for a number of reasons. Here are just a few of them:

Atmosphere and Camaraderie
You’re never alone at the gym so you can easily find yourself making friends or getting to know people who have similar fitness goals. This means you may agree to work out together sometimes or have a friendly competition; you can push yourself at home to some degree, but there’s no substitute for working with (or against!) another person to keep your pace up. This also makes the exercise more fun as it can be very boring going it alone. A pleasant atmosphere gives you something to look forward to and makes you less likely to give up when the going gets tough as you’ll have other people motivating you.

Convenience & Facilities
Many gyms offer swimming pools, massage and steam rooms to complement your workout. These are benefits which you wouldn’t get from going it alone. Not only can these things make going to the gym a more attractive proposition and thus make you a more regular visitor, but saunas and sports massages are also beneficial to overall health and well being and could mean that you’re less susceptible to muscular strains and injuries.


Price and Equipment
Although gym membership may seem expensive, it is actually far more economical than spending money on your own equipment to use at home. Even if you have the space for a few items in your basement, you could never have the full range that would be available to you at the gym. This is why joining a gym gets you better results than going it alone, because of the sheer range of machines and equipment which allows you to customize your workout and incorporate much more variety into the routine.

You will normally have to attend an induction when you first join a gym, where an instructor will show you how to safely and effectively use the equipment. This is not something you would benefit from at home, where there is nobody around to give you the proper training or look out for you as a spotter when weightlifting. In the worst case, improper use of equipment at home can result in serious injury, and even at best you could be using it ineffectively and not getting the right results.

So although joining a gym may be daunting at first, it offers a wealth of opportunities to get better results than going it alone. The availability of other people as motivators, expert support, other facilities and a huge range of equipment means that you’re in a much better position to succeed than you ever could be in your own living room. Exercising at home is great if you have some simple machines; nobody is saying that spending some free time on your exercise bike isn’t a good thing, but it can’t replace the multitude of benefits you would get from joining a gym.

How To Stay Health And Fit In Your 20s


After a teenage life of fun, a man finally gets 20 and gets to feel what real stress is for the first time. Living a stress free and healthy life requires regular intense exercise, since there is no pill that will keep you looking young for the rest of your youth life. If you wish to stay fit throughout the various stages of your life, you must get it right from the beginning to avoid beating yourself up and going beyond your limits when you no longer have the energy to do the things you could have comfortably done in your 20s.

Exercise is not meant only for weight loss; training improves your resistance, flexibility and cardiovascular system. Therefore, if you are wondering how much exercise you need as a man in your 20s, be braced for a vigorous training. For overall fitness and whole- body strength, the following tips can be useful.

Establish Your Fitness Base

When in your 20s, this is the perfect time for you to build your fitness base which will guide you throughout the following years. Adopt a training routine of at least three times a week that builds your muscle strength. If you get strong bones and muscle now, you won’t have to worry when you lose bone density and lean muscle later as you grow older.



Be Diverse

Never focus on just one exercise, sport or activity only. Various activities contribute differently to your health and fitness as opposed to a rigid and monotonous routine. Cross training involves indulging in a variety of exercises like swimming, yoga, cycling, jogging, dancing, martial arts and so on. Diversity is always advisable as indulging in various activities ensures that you exercise the neck, shoulder muscle, chest, legs, back and all other upper and lower muscle groups.

Improve Your Flexibility

The training in the gym, jogs and other outdoor activities are strenuous. Therefore, after the workouts, always stretch your muscles so that the whole exercise is not counterproductive. Simple stretching or using rollers or even yoga are good ways to build on your flexibility.

Healthy Diet

The biggest mistake people make is, spending hours training and exercising only to waste all the effort by eating junk and unhealthy foods. Without adhering to a strict, healthy, nutritious and balanced diet, all the exercising won’t help. As a man in his 20s, you have all the time to start shaping the rest of your life by staying fit through regular and comprehensive exercises which must be coupled with a healthy diet